Bella uses a safe, premium adhesive to attach the lash extensions to your natural lashes. The lashes are applied directly onto your lashes and not your eyelid. Each lash extension is attached to a single natural lash to achieve a fuller, more natural set of lashes. This application method stops the lashes clumping and sticking to one another, preventing damage to your natural lashes. Your lash extensions will be designed to suit and fit your personal preferences along with your eye shape. Bella stocks a range of differing lengths and sizes, catering for a thinner, more natural finish, right through to a full, fluffy dramatic look. The treatment time takes approx. 90 minutes, in which you are laying down with your eyes closed. There is no discomfort or pain throughout this treatment. 


Correctly applied lash extensions will not damage your natural lashes. Your natural lashes are always shedding and grow back in 4-6 week growth cycles. The extension should simply fall off with your natural lash.The extensions themselves should not cause your lashes to fall out or become damaged unless they are incorrectly applied (ie. too long or heavy.)

Bella will always ensure that your extensions are customised to suit and protect your natural lashes by individually attaching 1 extension to 1 lash.Pulling your lash extensions out will result in your natural lashes being pulled out also. An oil based solvent is required to break down the adhesive, removing the last extensions. This can be professionally done at our salon.

When arriving for your treatment, Bella requests that you arrive with clean, dry eyes. This includes the removal of any eye makeup, eye creams and free from any oils. Your new eyelash extensions must be kept completely dry for the first 48 hours. This allows the adhesive to bond correctly.

After the initial 48 hours, your face may be washed and cleansed as usual. Oil based products will gradually break down the adhesive, therefore oil-free products are recommended for the eye area. Using a small eyelash or eyebrow comb to fluff and straighten your lashes, will maintain longevity and keep your lashes fluffy and straight. There is no need to wear mascara with eyelash extensions, however if you do feel the need to wear mascara whilst wearing the extensions, ensure that the mascara is non-waterproof and is removed with an oil-free makeup remover. 


Eyelashes naturally shed and regenerate. Refills are recommended every 2-3 weeks for optimum lashes. The greater care you take with your lashes, the longer they will last. Refills take approx. 45-60 minutes. Your Bella technician will groom, straighten and replace lashes that have shed and fallen out whilst removing any lashes that have twisted or been damaged. 





Bellas lash cleaner that helps to pro long the life og your lash extentions , effectively removes eye make up and the built up dirt that becomes attached to your lashes. Not only is it super easy to apply one pump of lash cleanser directly onto the eyelid while using a lash cleanser brush to help manoeuvre the foam into the lash until the following built up dirt is cleansed away, followed by a quick rinse and gently pat dry.